Hot Spring

A matchmaking hot spring that warms you in body and spirit.

The water from the “Matsue-Shinjiko-Onsen,” located on the lakeside of Lake Shinji , is known for being high-temperature (77℃), good-quality spring water that wells up from 1,250m deep under the lakeside. It has the excellent skin beautifying effects, including making your skin smooth. It is said that, by warming your body in the hot water, you can ensure that your relationships with others also do not “cool off.” Please enjoy the thin, colorless, transparent hot spring water. These rejuvenating baths feature Japanese-style gardens and are fed by spring water from the source located nearby. We provide elegant open-air baths that provide a sense of spaciousness as well as indoor baths where you can relaxingly enjoy the hot spring water. For female guests please enjoy the “Hinoki Roten (Cypress Open-air Bath),” and for male guests please enjoy the “Iwa Roten (Rock Open-air Bath).”

Bathing Times: evenings 16:00-24:00, mornings 6:00-9:00
Amenities: shampoo, conditioner, body soap, dryers

An open-air bath for women
An open-air bath for women
Hinoki Roten (Cypress Open-air Bath)
The cypress fragrance gives the effect of a therapeutic walk in the forest and gently relaxes you in body and mind.
An open-air bath for men
An open-air bath for men
Iwa Roten (Stone Open-air Bath)
This stone open-air bath overflows with the ambiance of nature and a feeling of spaciousness. The fatigue of everyday life will melt away.
Large hot spring bath
Large hot spring bath
Uchiburo (Indoor Bath)
You can relaxingly recover from fatigue in this expansive indoor bath, open to both men and women alike, while enjoying the spacious garden.
After-bath lounge
We provide massage chairs to help you relax after your bath.

A lakeside private spa

Chartered open-air bath

A space just for you where you have the hot spring and the view all to yourself. This chartered open-air hot spring bath is united with the spacious Lake Shinji. This is the largest ceramic bath in Shimane Prefecture where you can get hot water from the Matsue-Shinjiko-Onsen and a view of Lake Shinji all to yourself. Please be sure to experience at least once an elegant bath wrapped in sunlight and the power-laden breeze off of Lake Shinji.

Usage Information

●Usage is by prior reservation on a first-come first-served basis.
●Times are as follows. When making a reservation, please include your second choice of time as well.
  (1) 16:10 - 16:55
  (2) 17:10 - 17:55
  (3) 18:10 - 18:55
  (4) 19:10 - 19:55
  (5) 20:10 - 20:55
  (6) 21:10 - 21:55
 The final time period is 21:10-21:55.
●Fee: Chartered for one 45 min period / \2,500

■Please be careful.
The chartered outdoor bath may occasionally be unavailable for use such as if you are not checked in during the period you wish to use it or during stormy weather. Please note that the outdoor bath is located on the rooftop and is accessed by a staircase.


Seasonal Japanese cuisine in each season

One of our prides at Yukei-Kohan Suitenkaku is treating guests to cuisine that makes use of local ingredients taken from the Sea of Japan and Lake Shinji. The San’in region has access to the sea, mountains and lakes, as well as an abundance of seasonal ingredients in each season.

Guest Rooms

We provide guest rooms with a full view of Lake Shinji and a feeling of spaciousness as well as reasonably-priced guest rooms facing the city. Both the lake-side and city-side guest rooms include Japanese style rooms as well as rooms with beds, and all rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi.

room image

There are also lake-side Japanese style rooms equipped with outdoor hot spring baths available as suites.

These rooms feature a twin bed on the tatami and come with open-air hot spring baths that overlook Lake Shinji. The open-air baths come equipped with a shower booth. Please enjoy an unrushed, relaxing time here while basking in the sunlight and the pleasant breeze from Lake Shinji.

room image


Matsue Castle

Matsue Castle

Completed in 1611 and one of only 12 remaining original castles nationwide, Matsue Castle was built over a five-year period by Horio Yoshiharu, feudal lord and founder of Matsue. It was designated as a national treasure in 2015.
The elegance of the castle’s swooping roofs and decor is often compared to the wings of a plover bird (‘chidori’), which has led to the castle’s nickname, Plover Castle (‘chidori-jo’). There is a museum inside, and the top floor offers a panoramic view of the castle grounds and the city.

Matsue Castle

Horikawa Sightseeing Boa

This boat tour circles the castle’s historical inner and outer moats, passing points of interest which you may not see otherwise. The boat also passes under particularly low-built bridges from time to time, meaning the passengers need to duck down as the roof lowers. Kotatsu heaters are placed in the boat during winter and passengers can literally experience the “warmth” of Japanese tradition.

Matsue Castle

Karakoro Art Studio

Clearly recognisable by its Greek architecture, the Karakoro Art Studio is a former bank that was restored and reopened as a craftwork centre containing both workshops and retail outlets. At this atelier, and among other workshops, you can have a go at creating your own magatama (comma-shaped beads) or wagashi (Japanese confectionary), two special products of Matsue. The heavy vault doors in the basement remain as they were when the building was used as a bank, and vault is sometimes used for special events!

Matsue Castle

Lake Shinji Pleasure Cruise

While a stroll along the lakeshore already provides an interesting view of the lake, you can also enjoy the lake’s scenic beauty from the cruise boat, which also runs a special sunset cruise. This sightseeing boat takes visitors on a one-hour tour around Lake Shinji. There are five or six tours per day, and the last tour each day, the ‘Sunset Cruise’ is particularly popular, as it offers the opportunity to view the vibrant colours of the sun streaked sky and lake surface from closer to the action.

Matsue Castle

Designated Lake Shinji
Sunset viewing spots

The Lake Shinji sunset spot features include terraces on the path running adjacent to the lake. Sitting there one could marvel at the sight of the sun setting against Yomegashima. On the other side of the road from the terrace there is 36 space car park from which one can use an underground crossing to safely reach the viewing terrace.
[Car Park Spaces 36]

Matsue Castle

Yuushien Garden

Yuushien is a traditional Japanese-style garden located in the centre of Daikonshima Island. Unlike the garden of the Adachi Museum of Art, it is designed as a walk-through garden with ponds, streams and small waterfalls. Its main attraction, the peony flower, blooms in winter and spring, and the garden is resplendent year round with a variety of seasonal blooms, such as irises and hydrangea in summer, and sasanqua and “momiji” foliage in autumn. Peonies are also kept in a hot house, where their blossoms can be viewed all year round. The volcanic rock of Daikonshima is also incorporated in the garden’s design. There are three restaurants and a tea-room from which you can enjoy the garden scenery.